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Newsletter: May 2023

May 19, 2023

Dear Owners,

The BOD would like to bring the following important information to your attention:

It is noted with concern that various incidents occurred/were reported where the rules of the Estate were not adhered to, specifically where dogs and other pets were involved.

We refer all residents to the disclaimer contained in the Conduct Rules of Amberfield Valley Estate, paragraph 2.

Further to the above disclaimer, the Conduct Rules of Amberfield Valley also deal with the issue of pets, and the responsibilities of pet owners.

We hope and trust that residents will ensure immediate compliance with the rules in this regard, and further that residents will ensure that their pets are registered with the office of the Estate Manager for easy identification of lost dogs in the Estate in the future.

Any residents who have not submitted their pet application forms are requested to do so immediately. You can apply on-line here.

Kindly contact the Estate Manager to arrange for the necessary documentation

You can download the May 2023 newsletter here and familiarise yourself with the Conduct Rules about Dogs and Other Animals.

Kind regards

Candida Chisholm
Estate Manager
obo: The Directors: AVHOA

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