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Pet Application Form

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Amberfield Valley Pet Application Form

Applicable Laws:

All pets shall be kept in full compliance with:

Local Municipal By-Laws (please read and acknowledge the full version below as it is applicable).

Conduct Rules of Amberfield Valley HOA (please read and acknowledge full version below as it is applicable).

What must be included with the Pet Registration:

Proof of sterilisation of pet(s).

Up-to-date vaccination records (to be presented to Directors/Estate Manager on request).

Photograph of pet(s).

Application for Pet 1

Application for Pet 2

Conditions of keeping a pet within Amberfield Valley Estate (as contained within the Conduct Rules of AVHOA as set out in 4.3 - 4.3.1-4.3.7:


All residents have a responsibility to ensure that their dogs and/or animals are not the cause of disturbances at any time.

Dogs will not be allowed into open areas without the use of a leash.

Defecation of pets must be removed by the owner immediately otherwise a removal fee of R150 will be charged.

It is the responsibility of each owner to keep their dogs quiet. Where pets are found to be an annoyance to other residents, the relevant owner will be requested to take appropriate action once; after this, a fine of up to R250 will be levied or the animals will be removed by the SPCA.

All dog owners are required to register their dogs with the Estate Office. Dogs must have a collar with the owner's stand number on it for easy identification.

Dogs that attack any resident will have to be removed or put down.

Tshwane municipal bylaws require that no owner is allowed to have more than two (2) dogs and unless you are a registered breeder, all dogs MUST be sprayed.

Conditions of keeping a pet as contained in the Municipal By-Laws – Chapter 12:


No person may –

(a) keep any animal or pet in such a manner as to cause a nuisance; and


(1) No person may permit any dog, particularly –

(a) a dog that is wild or vicious;

(b) a dog that has acquired the habit of running after vehicles, animals, poultry, pigeons or persons outside any premises where such a dog is kept; to be in a public place.


(1) No person may keep a dog if –

(a) the dog creates a disturbance or a nuisance by constantly or excessively barking, howling or whining;

(c) the dog defecates when taken into a public place or road while under the control or supervision of a person and the person fails to dispose of the faeces in a refuse receptacle

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